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Convert Ubuntu Server to authenticate with SSH key only and make user sudoer with no password

Make user Sudoer: [code] adduser ubuntu usermod -aG sudo ubuntu Edit sudoers "/etc/sudoers"password to don't require password: %sudo ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL [/code] Edit SSH configuration to authenticate by SSH key only: /etc/ssh/sshd_config [code]...
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Install PHP with Postgres support using HomeBrew

Most of the information is taken from this article: http://justinhileman.info/article/reinstalling-php-on-mac-os-x/ 1. Add the Formulas [code] brew tap homebrew/dupes brew tap homebrew/versions brew tap homebrew/homebrew-php [/code] 2. Install PHP with Postgres...
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command ‘x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc’ failed with exit status in Python Django project

Typical error when a library that you want to install needs to compile and use some system libraries. First make sure you have: python-dev gcc [code] apt get install python [/code] Other libraries that could be needed: [code] sudo apt-get install build-essential...
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Programming with Python

Python is exciting! I have not found other language where I enjoy more coding. Python is fun, easy to learn and you can do basic stuff as well as complex implementations with understandable code....
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How to install Varnish on CPANEL Server

Installation 1. Make Apache listen in any other port other than 80. Here I am making Apache to listen in port 8080. It can be done in two ways. Either editing the httpd.conf file or editing the Tweak settings in WHM a) Editing httpd.conf file # vi...
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Error installing python library with pip on OSX: “’cc’ failed with exit status 1” error

Make sure you have installe XCode and it is updated. Then Include the following enviroment variables  suing the command line tool:  export CFLAGS=-Qunused-arguments export CPPFLAGS=-Qunused-arguments Then try to install/ compile...
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What is using my port – Error: That port is already in use

# netstat -tulpn | grep :80 You will get something like: tcp 0 0* LISTEN Now you get the process number and you can proceed to kill it. In this case 12608: kill -9...
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Linux: Update System time and date

Simple: sudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org "ProtectedPenguin" by orinoko42 is licensed under CC...
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Django Migrations with South

For a Django project using South you need to use the following commands in order to sync the DB:Start schema for app: Run manage.py schemamigration app_name  Run migration Run manage.py migrate app_name...
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Phonegap Cross-platform Mobile development

PhoneGap is a mobile development framework produced by Nitobi, purchased by Adobe Systems.[3][4] It enables software programmers to build applications for mobile devices using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, instead of device-specific languages such as Objective-C.[5] The...
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