About Andres Gonzalez: Python/Django Developer

Experienced Web/Mobile Developer. With a degree in Electronic engineering and 12 years of experience in Web development.
Andres has participated in the planning, design, development and deployment of World Class websites and applications for start-ups and Nonprofit organizations. Web and mobile development is his passion and loves to learn each day about the new trends. He dominates both areas: backend and front-end development.
During his experience he has worked in languages/frameworks such as PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java and for the front-end HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery. As entrepreneur he wants to create the next Google with its philosophy, to create products to improve the life quality of people’s life and having fun while programming. He wants the best of the best talented and motivated programmers and designers.
There are not schedules and rules for the creativity. Specialties Web Development, server architecture, mobile development, robotics, entrepreneurship. Specialties: Web Development, server architecture, mobile development, robotics, entrepreneurship.



Swapps –¬†Director

In charge of Web and Mobile Projects for Android, iOS. The work has included the development of custom applications using frameworks like Python/Django, Symfony 2 and CakePHP for the server side implementation. In the same way we have developed and give support to applications using WordPress and Drupal.

inQbation – R&D Director

inQbation R&D lab has a group of brilliant developers that create web-based solutions to recurring business problems.


Datavisibles UG haftungsbeschränkt РDevelopment Engineer

Development of business solutions, using Internet to improve the processes. In charge of a group of developers with the mission to launch products for clients in Germany. The projects were related to: Web interfaces that let users manage businesses. Business to business and customer relationships management solutions. Mobile aplications where is integrated the information provided by gps, accelerometer, and visual sensors to specific functions sucha as security, localization. Datawarehouse & Datamining. Social media solutions working with facebook and twitter plugins and creating apps.

Medios Online – Development Director

We developed websites for local customers in the areas of education, and press, with technologies such as php, html, css, javascript.

Univalle – Mobile Robotics Engineer

Design and implementation of a Tele-programation application to manage a remote Robotics Laboratory.